House with an aquarium

Gross Built Area: 312 m2
Client: Private
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Year: 2021
Function: Residential   

The new home of our client is located in Gorubliane - a district in the eastern part of Sofia, right between the ring road and the city’s longest boulevard and major transportation artery Tsarigradsko shosse. Even though the neighborhood is known for the large number of car dealerships, heavy traffic and air pollution, it is dominated by single-family houses and one- or two-story condos, and has plenty of green spaces that make it a desirable place to live. 

Commissioned to create the interior design of a three-story house with a total floor area of 350 m2, our team started with the functional zoning of the site turning the first floor into a set of open common rooms and lobbies, and outlining private and entertainment zones on the second and third floors. Inspiration for the design concept came from the client’s intriguing request to have a huge fish tank installed as part of the interior. In order to accommodate it in an attractive and efficient way, we bridged functionality and natural wellbeing by translating the essence of nature into various design solutions and artistic touches. A monochrome color palette featuring black, white and gray was chosen to complement the green and aqua blue accents in decorative elements such as plants, paintings and textiles. The extensive use of solid wood and concrete keep the connection with nature flowing across the entire house. Wondering what happened to the aquarium? It separates the living room from the kitchen through a glimpse in an exciting underwater world, a feat that couldn’t have been achieved with a bulky partition from any material. See for yourself in the gallery below.