Client: Rozwell Ltd.
Location: Kazanlak - Rose Valley, Bulgaria
Year: 2021
Function: Organic cosmetics

Rozwell, a company specializing in the production of cosmetics from naturally sourced extracts, briefed us to create a new brand identity for them based on their existing logo and then implement it in the design of a website. Following a debrief session with the client, we aimed to develop a memorable and original brand look with a focus on natural products from organic-certified gardens with oil bearing plants Rosa Damascena and Lavandula Angustifolia, which are grown and processed by a special technology preserving the active ingredients and properties of the fresh flowers in Rozwell’s own distillery next to the gardens. 

The duality of the product line became a core element of our concept and is showcased with a dynamic combination between a two-color palette and the geometrical shapes that are part of the brand’s logo. By setting these two elements in motion at various angles, we generated an intuitive and nice UX flow that helps website visitors quickly navigate to the section they’re interested in.   

For the creative direction we collaborated with