Gross Built Area: 250 m2
Client: Private
Location: Hannover, Germany
Year: 2019
Function: Cocktail bar

It all started on the third floor of a late modernist building in downtown Hannover with us brainstorming how to integrate the bulky concrete beams and the low ceiling into the interior design of a cocktail bar. Intrigued by the immediate visual connection with Steintor Square, we proposed a concept that transforms the space into a major attraction for people walking around the square. The landmark is an organ-shaped ceiling made from metal sheets spray-coated in copper and providing indirect warm lighting. While the heavy concrete structure vanishes in the negative space between the dome-shaped lamps, the copper ceiling manipulates perceptions of height and distance thus immersing you in the warm radiance of reflected light.The material palette was carefully selected to blend in with the ambience and define the boundaries of the experience. The floor finishes combine wooden planks merging into a custom-made seating set, and granite tiles marking the walking strip. Existing structure elements are treated with a dark color palette, which makes the ceiling stand out even more. Another glowing highlight in this space of dark and neutral tones is the illuminated main bar made from brass and light wood. Cheers!