Wine case apartment 

Gross Built Area: 86 m2
Client: Private
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Year: 2020
Function: Residential   

The brief we received from our clients was inspired by their love of wine - they wanted to have a space that’s cozy enough for both fun weekend gatherings with friends and intimate evening chats with a favorite person, all accompanied by one or more glasses of good wine. 

Excited by the challenge, we mixed industrial vibes with glam accents to recreate the atmosphere of an exquisite bar at night in the kitchen. It was enhanced with the inclusion of stone, black metal and glass textures as well as built-in rail lighting. The kitchen island, a solid structure made from stone, became the heart of the open living room area as it can be used not only for cooking and dining but also for cooling wine and storing fresh herbs for cocktails and tasty culinary adventures. In contrast to the bar ambiance of the kitchen, the main theme of the living room is relaxation. A large, soft sofa invites you to just sit back and take a break with the shaggy carpet and the selection of exotic plants making every moment more enjoyable. Fancy a glass of wine?