Gross Built Area: 200 m2
Client: Artvision Ltd.
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Year: 2020
Function: Office

Artvision is a creative agency specializing in outdoor and print advertising, and gradually expanding its activities. The expansion prompted a move to a new, bigger Varna-based office, which initially consisted of 200 m2 of open space without any furniture. We took this as an opportunity to design a place that reflects Artivision’s brand identity and service portfolio in every possible way. 

Volumetric letters and custom-made lightning fixtures were installed as interior elements. In addition to that, the industrial look of the space is highlighted by sets of metal grids that are used to separate the different working areas. A CMYK theme was chosen not only as a reference to the client’s area of expertise but also as means of developing a very bright, open and flexible office layout.