M2M Services facade

Gross Built Area: 2000 m2
Client: M2M Services Ltd.
Location: Sofia,Bulgaria
Year: 2021
Function: Facade design

Complementing the office space design we created for M2M Services, this project had multiple goals - to improve the lighting of the interior, to improve the energy efficiency of the building and to renovate one of the facades while implementing a specific brand color palette and visual elements. The building itself consists of four floors and a basement, and has the shape of an elongated rectangle with the long facades looking towards the north and the south. We worked preliminarily on the south facade replacing the PVC window frames with glass packages but retaining the characteristic architectural elements. Perforated metal sheets are used to cover the outdoor units of the air conditioners and provide protection from sun, which is quite important, especially in the summer, due to the southern orientation of the facade.