M2M Services office

Gross Built Area: 693 m2
Client: M2M Services Ltd.
Location: Sofia,Bulgaria
Year: 2021
Function: Office

M2M Services is a global technology company specializing in the development and implementation of innovative IoT solutions for the security industry, whose Bulgarian office is located on the last floor of a former industrial building from the 1960s. Our team was tasked to design an office space that reflects the brand identity of the company, promotes a quality culture and inspires innovation. 

Taking cues from the company’s area of business, we created a floor concept that resembles an electronic circuit diagram connecting every room and hall around the office. Common areas such as the cafeteria, the reception, the lobby, various meeting zones and corridors are kept open and airy. Glass partitions are used to maintain the privacy of working stations and meeting rooms. The entire working area is placed around the south glass facade because the 4.8-meter high ceiling allows for the construction of a second level with a lightweight metal structure. The lighting system corresponds to the floor scheme and offers a variety of dispersion options: focused, uniform and indirect.This high-end working environment aims to foster teamwork, flexibility and sustainability.