Gross Built Area: 150 m2
Client: Private
Location: Varna,Bulgaria
Year: 2020
Function: Restaurant

Planta takes up almost half of the first floor of the two-story former administrative building of of the Drujba factory in Varna, which was occasionally utilized as a showroom and a hall for catwalk presentations of the latest collections of the Drujba fashion brand. Our concept was to convey the purity of nature associated with the name of the restaurant through a design that flows organically into the industrial structure and look of the building.

To accomplish this, we began with opening up the interior by integrating the patio adjoining the south facade with the heart of the inner space. The resulting construction is not only in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape but also provides an extra stream of natural light.  Other key steps in the implementation of the design concept were to ensure that the new floor plan features a private entrance on the west facade, and to outline the functional zones with custom-made, decorative elements. The selection of materials, which includes a mixture of solid wood, stone, marble and metal, enhances the natural touch by deploying a palette rich in earthy tones, and alternating rough and smooth textures. On top of that, the wooden furniture surfaces and tabletops, the grid ceiling and the seating of wood and genuine leather contribute to an atmosphere that evokes the freshness and serenity of nature.